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The Pisces Symbol: The Two Fish

No, thanks I hate pretty things. We could all use a little more optimism in our lives, right? But how? That little voice whispering doomsday scenarios in your ear can be so loud sometimes. Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius , on the other hand, are born in the middle of the season and can have a lot more difficulty with change. They tend to operate with an abundance of caution, preferring to build on what is already there rather than trying for something new. Finally, the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces , born at the end of the month, are blessed with lots and lots of optimism and see change as fun and exciting.

No matter what your sign, we all have both an optimist and a pessimist inside us. Nobody would ever accuse Aries of being timid. Known for their high confidence, Aries tend to have a ton of optimism at the start of something, but have a hard time carrying that through to the end. Sometimes, Aries can veer away from optimism into recklessness, but keeping your eyes on the prize can help ward off any last-minute self-sabotage.

That way you can revisit your most excited thoughts later down the line when you need some optimism fuel.

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Luckily, hard-working, persistent Taurus never shies away from a challenge! The biggest thing for bulls to avoid is falling into a pit of cautiousness.

FULL MOON in PISCES September 13, 12222 ~ Theme: Higher Love ~

Tauruses tend to live in the worst-case scenario, so a little perspective could be helpful. Seeing them written down can help you realize which worries are over the top, which are worth thinking about and all the wonderful things that could happen if you let yourself go with the flow. Anything that means today is going to be different from yesterday is A-OK by the twins. When it does, Geminis can find themselves acting judgemental and two-faced, suddenly seeing the worst where they used to see the best.

When a Cancer is feeling particularly low or pessimistic, they tend to isolate themselves and become uncommunicative.

Zodiac Sun Sign

Stewing like this will only make your pessimism worse, so make sure to force yourself to have a little outside time every day—even if it just means walking to your local coffee shop. Also make sure to have a designated friend that you check- n with emotionally, especially when you feel like holing up in your room and talking to noone. An outside perspective will help check some of your gloom and doom, and will remind you that talking about your feelings can always help take the edge off.

Leos have an endless capacity for fun and entertainment, but when they feel threatened, they can turn cold-hearted, jealous and aggressive. The world is not out to get you, Leo!

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And nobody is going to dull your shine. Virgo is another sign that has no shortage of optimism when it comes to their own ideas, but needs a little help extending that optimism to those around them.

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You also have a deeper connection and emotional attachment in your relationships than most people do. You are the driving force that brings people together and you stand by that decision. You will always keep fighting until the end. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror.

So, you have a hard time blending in with others. Sometimes the kindest women are the fiercest warriors. So, you love bringing people together.

Yearly Horoscope - What To Expect This Year By Zodiac Sign

You refuse to let anyone get in your way. Virgos are shy but also very analytical and hardworking. Your analytic side comes out often because you have a hard time expressing your emotions. You have never and will never put up with disrespect. With a fair mind, Libras are always interested in symmetry and balance. Taurus I have a bright future.

My visions of a better life inspire and uplift myself and those around me. Gemini I accomplish anything I set out to do and create experiences that are fulfilling and uplifting.

Cancer I open my arms to new beliefs, experiences, and chapters that can re-ignite my passions. Leo I acknowledge, respect, and trust my emotions, which will not steer me wrong. Virgo I welcome relationships that are more fulfilling and call forth those people that understand my soul.

About Pisces

Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Tarus, Gemini, and Leo. | Horoscopes | Zodiac signs, Zodiac, Scorpio. Ophira Edut, one-half of the celebrity astrology duo known as the She suggests trying a mantra that will give you the confidence to unabashedly be yourself. leo Pisces is romantic, helpful, wise, comforting and imaginative.

Libra I create habits, jobs, and patterns that feed my energy instead of drain it. Scorpio I deserve good things and am ready to let more love and happiness into my life. Sagittarius I invite new energy into my home which will help me feel more comfortable all around.

Capricorn I communicate my truth with purpose and compassion. My words reflect my soul.

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But why? You may experience a profound shift in your health. Sit with yourself, and acknowledge your emotions. Each mantra or word is a sound pattern that suggests to the mind the meaning inherent in it and the mind imediately responds. Travel may figure in.