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Cancer Horoscope for October 12222

This turn-around kicks off seven months of promising opportunities, so meet Lady Luck halfway by putting yourself out there more, exploring new terrain, and turning on those Tinder alerts.

Your weekly horoscope: September 30 - October 6

Another prompt to let your inner artiste or seductrix out to play comes on Thursday, when expressive Mercury shimmies into passionate Scorpio, lighting up your flirty fifth house until December 9—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from October 31 to November Under this wide-net-casting mashup, you might meet your match far off the beaten path, anywhere from a fancy art opening to a yoga retreat to grabbing coffee in a random part of town. The message? Always be dressed and ready to roll. Take heed that during the retrograde October 31 to November 20 , drama could get unleashed or an ex may try to lure you from the stability of a healthier, though less intense, relationship.

Home becomes the buzzing center of activity on Friday when energizer Mars decamps to Libra and your domestic fourth house until November Since Chez Cancer is one of your favorite places to be, this biennial stopover by the red planet is always music to your ears.

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Vogue Weekly Career & Finance Horoscope for 30 September to Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope: September 30 – October 6, Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope: September 30 – October 6, are highs and the lows are low, you know you've got a problem, Cancer.

But be warned that Mars is an agitator. Thankfully, this energetic cycle will get you pumped to make changes. Your lucky friends and family could be feted with hygge season dinners, craft nights and other activities around your hearth. Not really loving where you live? Start scouting out a new place to hang your fedora.

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Adventurous Mars might even send you on a sabbatical to another part of the world; if not for a permanent relocation then for an extended apartment swap or a semester abroad. If your family, living situation or emotions have stressed you out, note that the path leads through that challenge, not around it. With Mercury segueing into your worth house, your mind may turn to finances, belongings, other resources and personal values. And thanks to Mars charging into your sign soon after for a six-and-a-half-week stay, you can look forward to a highly productive period of tackling your own agenda and furthering your interests.

Letting go of an old love or making a sacrifice out of compassion could be difficult when Venus and Pluto go at it this week. But if you start obsessing over a past or private attachment, you could cause yourself pain. Try to let your feelings pass through you instead of latching onto them and ruminating over them. And be careful not to manipulate anyone or fixate out of jealousy.

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Be prepared that this novel romance will be the envy of everyone around you. Get a new password sent to you. But many are out of your hands, which means either battling arrangements you regard as unrealistic or simply waiting to see what happens. Colour silver. You are at the forefront of making your goals and objectives come true.

Get out of that all-consuming loop and start thinking along new lines! So much has been left unspoken, and soon you may feel more empowered to put your deep thoughts into words, speak about weighty matters or make an important decision. Your best bet is to work on your own in a low-key setting — possibly on something that will benefit others. Venus in your network zone is clashing with Pluto this week, hinting that financial pressures could get in the way of group fun.

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Or a problem involving possessions, values, self-esteem or money might spark trouble in your squad. If you or a friend is playing the comparison game, envy is apt to rear its ugly head. Your sign is naturally optimistic, but Pluto has produced some anxiety around security, stability and self-sufficiency. Your resources are changing, and concentrating on how you can provide for yourself will alleviate some of your worries.

With Mercury slipping into the last house in your chart, you could start keeping your thoughts to yourself and would do well to listen to your intuition. Private study and research are favored in the coming weeks. After Mars bursts into your network sector for a lengthy visit, teamwork is the way to go. Connect with people who share your goals and ideals — and join forces. Coordinate your interests with those of others, in the spirit of cooperation. Venus rubs Pluto in Capricorn the wrong way this week, implying a need to be in control can affect your image and prevent you from charming higher-ups.

Pluto is pivoting direct after backpedaling for the last five months. Avoid hasty decisions, but if something feels right, put the wheels in motion. After Mercury enters your humanity house, your mind turns to new goals, and you might do some professional networking. Talking to friends will help you see the big picture.

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Once Mars sets up shop at the peak of your chart, your ambition will go into overdrive as you set about achieving big personal objectives. Be careful not to step on toes in your climb to the top — Mars can veer from go-getter to warrior in a hot second.

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When Venus battles Pluto in your subliminal sector this week, you might hold onto anger or jealousy and not take a chance on someone new as a result. Honoring the intensity of your feelings is a good start.

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If hidden pain, self-sabotage or past problems are thwarting your desire to enjoy new and different experiences, confronting your demons and overcoming your fears will allow you to taste more of what life has to offer. Work on forgiving others and yourself; addressing troubling emotions; relinquishing toxic patterns; processing losses; and identifying the ways you undermine yourself and the people who undermine you. Mercury is climbing to the highest point in your chart, helping you to formulate and articulate your goals, make career plans and communicate with authority figures.

Channel energy into broadening your mind — seeking out people and adventures that will change how you see the world. And a changing friendship might cause you pain now. A challenging group effort can also begin to fall into place. Team Pisces has been evolving, sometimes in ways that hurt.

Move past power struggles, competitive comparisons and gossip.

CANCER: The Unexpected . . . - October 2019

Reconstruct a circle of people who have your back. You might become interested in a new course of study or curious about unfamiliar ideas and people who are different from you. This intellectual arousal can lead you to take a trip or simply talk to strangers. And speaking of arousal, Mars is moving into your depth-and-sharing zone, revving up your libido and mobilizing you to take charge in order to satisfy intense desires. You could pursue a passion project, a lover or deep emotional transformation in the next couple of months.

Compromise can restore the equilibrium between you and others. Pluto is moving ahead after spending five months off the grid, and this shift can trigger rumblings in your career or life direction. Pay attention to the gradual evolution of your ambitions and try to align yourself with that process. Recognize it as part of a divine plan for fulfilling your true purpose. After Mercury enters your depth zone, your focus will narrow, and you could become immersed in research, an investigation of sorts or a passion project.