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Some people have trouble to download the zip from their Mac computers via Apple Safari Internet Browser.

TimePassages for Windows and macOS

Io Edition, State-of-the-Art astrology charting for your Macintosh more powerful than ever! Io Detective, you can easily examine groups of astrology charts on your. My favorite astrology softwares include: Time Cycles, Astrogold, Astrograph, Solarfire. I am a Mac fanatic so here are the three software programs I have used and TimePassages is native Macintosh, and they have also developed a .

The following video shows the trick to download the zip file from the Apple Safari. According to above video, the other option is to install FireFox Internet browser to download the zip file. To Instruction to download and install FireFox in the following. But Fortune Angel users told us that they can run the software on their Linux computers.

For example, one user successfully runs our software using free third party software Wine under Linux Ubuntu 9.

Mac users either need an emulator, or will be drawn to the Io Edition from Time Cycles Research , that lags behind in terms of true functionality, despite the elegance of their website. For example deep in the Windows world, ZET is an astrology program with some interesting touches.

There is a Lite version to try out gratis, while registration entitles you to two further levels of extra content. Written by Anatoly Zaytsev from the Ukraine, if you like stellar graphics you are sure to enjoy yourself. For Mac users, Kairon has a long history and some vocal advocates.

I've used v. Technical support has been excellent too.

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So I highly recommend WinStar to both novice and professional astrologers. Time Passages Astrology - PC.


Excellent software. Please be advised that the advertising is very misleading on this product. You can only print 5 paragraphs of your full report. You have to upgrade to standard in order to do that, and to sell the reports or print a full report you must purchase the commercial license which is not a problem but it is extremely costly. Everyone that has purchased or received a report has been extremely happy with it and say the reports are extremely accurate.

Star Predict Free Astrology Software (Tamil)

Its fun! What i like, is the graphics. For me personally it helps me in my readings.

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Its great when I need to know about others and myself. I think its an amazing product. Lots of options including Placidus, Koch, or Equal House systems, set your own orb size, natal horoscopes, daily horoscopes, etc.

Astrology Software – Forrest Astrology

Plus it's very simple to use. Very accurate and well written horoscopes. I am fairly new in astrology so this opinion must be taken with a grain of salt.

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However, it is very hard to figure out. The documentation did not really help and I had to do a lot of trial and error.

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