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We guarantee that all shipments will be arriving in proper order. Loss and damage will be fully covered under shipping insurance that we provide for FREE! Wholesale Enquiries. How to use our shopping cart to make an order? A shopping mall where everyone finds your feng shui solution. Who is the Real Nobleman? Choosing your wealth vase! Good Luck Starts from Door.

Do you trust your Feng Shui Purchase? Besides having the correct design, appropriate placement and other factors, the source of the feng shui products play an important role in determining the effectiveness. Many who buy the same feng shui product from two different sources will find that one is working so well and the other may not. But they never bother to ask why that happens.

The answer is simple, the source determines the "root energy" stored in the products. This is the key element that differentiates our products from what others offer. Feng Shui Bestbuy with qualified expertise is a proper feng shui foundation that emphasize a lot on cleansing our products, boosting them with good energy and keeping them in proper storage area that has positive energy before we ship. This has been felt by many "energy people" and feng shui masters around the world who had purchased from us.

We take pride in our products and do not take our feng shui products lightly or market them as a form of souvenirs or gifts. We care for feng shui and for you! Click here to read our customer testimonials Check out Period 8 implications to energy distribution in our homes and recommendations on blending symbolic dimension feng shui for Period 8. Protection is better than cure.

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Check out the specific areas in your homes that are afflicted by fatal stars 2 and 5 in your flying star charts of 24 types of houses built in Period 7 and Period 8. Also identify your relationship and wealth corner according to the ancient system of Feng Shui!

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Click here to read full article on Period 8 Essentials Why Feng Shui objects are so powerful? Usage of lucky symbols can alter chi a form of energy and enhances our surrounding feng shui. Symbolism is the easiest feng shui system to apply for great results.

Lucky symbols sold by Feng Shui Bestbuy have two general functions: energy booster and cure. Authentic feng shui items can cure misfortune and enhance luck in our environment to harmonize the surrounding chi, thus promoting prosperity, health, smoothness in all undertakings and relationship. Symbols placed in our environment attract or emit good chi and at the same time can also dissolve the bad ones. Click here to read more Music Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda.

Chung Kwei Subduing 5-Yellow. High Quality Dzi beads We pride ourself for having the widest range of authentic and high quality dzi beads. All are hand-picked from super grade quality.

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What is Feng Shui? Recent testimonial on amazing results: Hi feng shui, I have just come back to my senses from the Vegas massacre. It was a horrible experience and we shall never go back to that place again. I am back to Texas safely with my husband. We want to tell you how grateful we are that your amulet had saved my husband's life.

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I am ready to spread a word for you. If you need a live testimonial I can put it up somewhere for you, let me know. Feng Shui Jewellery. Feng Shui Tools. Fu Dogs. Fuk Luk Sau. Horoscope Enhancers. Laughing Buddha.


Got it! Stress will present itself as a major culprit of maladies in , especially when it comes to your career or finances. You will benefit from association with Rats. We would like to share this secret tip that has never been revealed over the internet before because we have seen so many cases of bad spell happening to those who have chosen these days, such as divorce, collapse of business, unsuccessful career etc. Dragon Tortoise.

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How to Make Good Feng Shui for the 12 Zodiac Animals

Queen's Selections. Ru Yi. Space Clearing. Water Feature.

Making Good Fengshui for Chinese Zodiac Animals

Wealth Ship. Wu Lou. Shop by Aspirations. Chinese Zodiac - PIG. Contact Us For any queries,please e-mail us at sales [at] fengshuibestbuy.

Year of the Snake

The chinese almanac is never used to do "fortune telling". It must never be used to check the events of the past. If you use the almanac to check if the date of the "past event" is good or bad, it is said to bring grave misfortune. A chinese almanac is a calendar to guide you in "future" activities.

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Date selection should only be done by yourself and applied to your ownself. It must never be done for "other people" if you are not from the energy world and not receiving an "ang pow" red packet from the person you are selecting the date for. Else good luck will be take away from you by the person you are doing the date selection for.

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